So you have a website, now what!

Rockstar /rɒk stɑr/ (n.)

  1. a famous singer of rock music
  2. a popular musician; person who lives an extravagant lifestyle because of richness and fame.
  3. a member of a rock band, or a solo artist in the genre (the term usually implies celebrity status, or stardom)

SEO Rockstar /ˈes-sē-oʊ rɒk stɑr/ (n.)

  1. someone whose website rocks/tops search engine results
  2. a the term used for Internet celebrity status, or stardom
  3. see You! (when you join us!)

Not All SEO Agencies are Created Equally

SEO or search engine optimization is needed by virtually any business nowadays. Even if you are a local-based business, youll probably be considering setting up your own functional website soon to accommodate business transactions online, which is the norm nowadays for the business world. With the demand for SEO expertise continuously escalating, agencies and experts are relatively popping out of the dark to address such demand and to grab the opportunity of making extra compensation for their skills and experience in SEO.

So where do you look for SEO services?

Nowadays, you can literally find an SEO expert wherever you look for it. From the vast domains of the Internet to your local community, the choices are innumerable and nearly unlimited. Nevertheless, it is of key importance to realize that not all SEO agencies are created equally. It is quite easy to be beguiled by alluring advertisements and cheap costs from an SEO service provider. Thus, arriving with the appropriate understanding and awareness is of paramount concern in order to avoid getting scammed or serviced by an incompetent or inexperienced service provider that are simply not well worth your investments. With the wide array of choices to choose from, it becomes impossible to screen each one for their quality and traits and know how they operate. Fortunately, there are standard traits and characteristics that you should look for when comparing and contrasting options. This eliminates the overwhelming amount of choices to select from and gives you a greater potential to employ a service provider worth the value of your investments.

An SEO agency should be analytically competent.

SEO is a strategic world that necessitates excellent analytical skills. If your SEO firm fails at the initial part and doesnt realize the technique of your business and the proper keywords to implement and attack, then the marketing attempt will most likely fail to meet your expectations and goals.

An SEO agency should be responsive and easy to reach whenever you need to. 

Communication is an integral part of any business transaction. Without clear lines of communication, service is diminished in significant levels. Yes there is no argument that SEO firms are very busy. However, this is not a valid excuse to be unresponsive to their customers. The best SEO agencies should employ a dependable and reachable customer support service that operates 24/7.

Flexibility should also be displayed by your SEO service provider.

Each client has different circumstances though their goals and objectives are usually the same. Still, the SEO campaign may be unique for each and every business thus the SEO expert should be able to adjust his/her approach and techniques to suit the needs and demands of the SEO campaign.

Lastly, SEO isnt a onetime deal or an overnight activity. It can take up to months in order to notice significant results, usually shown by improvements in traffic into the website or sales conversion rates. For that matter, your SEO service provider should always be around to help you every step of the way.

About the Author: Guest post contributed by freelance writer Pamela Kinley on behalf of Distinctly Digital, a SEO agency that specializes in search engine optimization and pay per click advertising.