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What is an SEO Consultant? And what do they do?

What is an SEO Consultant? And what do they do?

We hear a lot of businesses nowadays talking about the importance of SEO strategy; many job roles require SEO marketing experience. But what really is SEO? And why does it matter?

SEO, meaning Search Engine Optimization, means developing your website, its design and content, to show up on Google search results.

SEO helps improve your internet visibility through what is called ‘organic search’. This means improving the ranking of your website, without paying for it to be at the top.

Why does SEO matter?

We all know that if we venture to page 4 or 5 of Google, we’re grasping at straws. It is very rare that we don’t find what we’re looking for on the first page.

Think of how many times you rely on Google each day to find out where the nearest bakery is, the best weeknight recipes, or where you can get cheap shoes. We go to Google for everything, and we want to find what we’re looking for fast.

If you don’t optimize your website, then you won’t appear high enough up in the rankings for your potential customers to find you, and you risk losing business.

SEO matters because the higher up you are, the more you get noticed, the more business you’ll attract.

How does SEO work?

Search engines provide people with information by using algorithms which differentiates the helpful and relevant information from the unhelpful information.

Because of this, SEO optimises your website, by creating more focused content which is directly related to your audience and will therefore be more relevant.

So, what is a Google consultant?

An SEO consultant is like a backstage job for the internet a sort of specialised Digital Marketing consultant.

They go behind the scenes to analyse and review a website’s performance in the search engine in order to advise the best ways for business owners to earn more search engine traffic.

An SEO consultant will pay particular attention to content strategy and semantic keywords in order to create exceptional content that improves the reader and user experience.

A successful SEO consultant will be able to effectively examine the interaction between social media, long- and short-form content, competitor analysis and user behaviour.

The key responsibilities of an SEO consultant include:

  • Onsite optimisation
  • Off-site optimisation through link building strategies
  • Keyword research, analysis and mapping
  • Wide knowledge of SEO industry trends
  • Impeccable copywriting skills
  • Content development strategies
  • Optimise through CTAs
  • Optimising through internal linking structure

There are so many other ways in which an SEO freelancer can optimise content and online user experience, and this list is ever-growing.  There are loads of jobs and gigs within SEO. See SEO Jobs for January 2021 | Freelancer

The internet is something that is changing, expanding and evolving from day to day, and as it continues to be a central element in our lives, we need to know how to stay on top of it. And an SEO consultant does just that.